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10 Best Apps for Diabetics: Digital Health for Diabetes Control

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Technology in diabetes prevention, treatment, and care is rapidly evolving. Devices like a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), needle-free insulin jet injector , and an automated insulin pump now exist.

Using digital health tools, like smartphones, software, and online platforms, can also improve a person's diabetes management routine by streamlining the process.

This article explores digital health for diabetes and its impact. It also provides examples of diabetes apps and platforms that help individuals manage their condition and lifestyle.

How Digital Health Technology Impacts People with Diabetes Mellitus

According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology ( JACC ), digital health uses data and communication technologies to diagnose and detect illnesses, improve research recruitment, conduct clinical studies, and more.

In the field of diabetes, these new technologies are often used for disease management and decision support.

A study published in the Diabetes & Metabolism Journal shows that digital health technologies can be used in pre-clinical conditions to assess daily activity, evaluate eating habits, and reduce weight.

Meanwhile, people with diabetes can use digital health to gain patient education, use advanced blood glucose measurement tools, improve medication consumption, evaluate and manage complications, receive human coaching via telehealth , and conduct clinical trials.

Digital health provides individuals with efficient and personalized diabetes education and support for better diabetes self-management.

Comprehensive Diabetes Monitoring Apps

The following all-in-one apps help users manage diabetes and track their food intake, exercise, and overall health.

Glucose Buddy

GlucoseBuddy helps diabetics build healthy habits
GlucoseBuddy helps diabetics build healthy habits

Glucose Buddy offers digital tools and support to help people with diabetes build healthy habits.

Their solutions include an award-winning app for diabetes management, SMART meters for accurate, real-time blood sugar measurements, affordable test supplies, and one-on-one coaching with certified professionals.

The Glucose Buddy app lets users track their blood sugar, blood pressure, meals, exercise, medication, and nutrition. It also includes a 12-week diabetes education plan and lets you print reports for your healthcare provider.

The app also integrates with Apple Health apps and Dexcom glucometer devices. Glucose Buddy’s monthly subscription plans range from $19.99 to $59.99.

It’s one of the best diabetes apps in the market, with a 4.8 and 4.6 rating on the App Store and Google Play Store , respectively.


mySugr helps diabetics log their glucose levels, insulin levels, meals, activities and more
mySugr helps diabetics log their glucose levels, insulin levels, meals, activities and more

mySugr offers a user-friendly, free app that lets users log their blood glucose levels, insulin levels, meals, activities, carb intake, medications, and more.

Users can connect the app with Google Fit, Accu-Chek®, and RocheDiabetes for seamless lifestyle and glucose tracking. Connecting with an Accu-Chek® device enables you to activate mySugr PRO for free.

mySugr PRO includes a bolus calculator to recommend precise insulin doses for meals, blood glucose reminders, basal rates, meal photos, smart search, and PDF and Excel reports you can share with your doctor. The paid subscription costs $2.99 monthly.

This app caters to people with Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes and offers a detailed and seamless digital solution for those who want to stay on top of diabetes management. Get it via the App Store or Google Play Store .

One Drop

OneDrop app helps with blood sugar management
OneDrop app helps with blood sugar management

One Drop provides a free, simplified app to help with blood sugar management, track the user’s health data, and educate users on health topics using an interactive learning experience.

Other notable features include reminders for blood glucose checks, a large food database for meals and nutrition, and integration with glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, weight scales, Google Fit, and other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

Meanwhile, subscribing to One Drop Premium lets you access a personal health coach anytime, receive glucose predictions powered by artificial intelligence, get personalized learning content, and set health goals.

It’s designed not only for diabetes and pre-diabetes patients but also for those with chronic diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, making this a highly recommended app.

It’s best for people who want to track their overall health and lifestyle in one app. It’s available via the App Store and Google Play Store .

Diabetes Management Apps

The following smartphone apps solely focus on diabetes management and care, as recommended by healthcare professionals:.

BlueStar® by Welldoc

The BlueStar app helps people living with diabetes
The BlueStar app helps people living with diabetes

BlueStar® is a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) that assists people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes with guidance from their medical provider.

This diabetes app features FDA-cleared diabetes support, real-time AI-driven coaching, tracking of medication and nutrition, and reports you can share with your healthcare team. It also syncs with continuous glucose monitors, fitness trackers, and wearable devices like the Apple Watch.

Note that BlueStar® doesn’t replace care from licensed healthcare professionals. Also, it isn’t recommended for people with gestational diabetes or those using an insulin pump.

Although you can download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play Store , you can only access its features using a code from your doctor or health plan.

OneTouch Reveal®

OneTouch Reveal mobile app helps to monitor glucose levels
OneTouch Reveal mobile app helps to monitor glucose levels

OneTouch Reveal® helps users monitor their blood sugar easily, track their steps, carbs, and activity, and identify high and low blood glucose readings.

The app uses ColourSure technology to organize your data in a color-coded logbook and dashboards linked to your food, activity, and insulin.

Users can also email personalized reports, compare their lab HbA1c with their readings for the past 90 days, and integrate with Fitbit and Google Fit.

It pairs with the OneTouch Verio Reflect® meter and the OneTouch Verio Flex® to track readings over time.

You can download OneTouch Reveal® for free via the App Store or Google Play Store .

Food and Lifestyle Apps for Better Diabetes Management

Many food and lifestyle apps help individuals with diabetes to track their consumption, activity, and nutrition. Some of the apps below even cater to controlling diabetes.

Beat Diabetes

The Beat Diabetes app has helpful diabetic-friendly content
The Beat Diabetes app has helpful diabetic-friendly content

Created by medical professionals, Beat Diabetes provides people with diabetes, especially those recently diagnosed, with helpful content to manage their blood sugar, food consumption, activities, and overall health.

This diabetes management app features content such as the foods to eat and avoid, ways to increase your physical activity, tips to control blood sugar levels , diabetes complications, and available treatment options.

Although Beat Diabetes doesn’t provide tools to input data and track your health, it’s a helpful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about diabetes and control their diet.

Diabetic Recipes

The diabetic recipes app helps to prepare healthy diabetic-friendly meals
The diabetic recipes app helps to prepare healthy diabetic-friendly meals

The Diabetic Recipes app helps users plan and prepare meals ideal for individuals with diabetes. It’s perfect for those recently diagnosed or as a diabetes prevention intervention for those at risk.

It features a collection of healthy diabetic recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, smoothies, side dishes, and condiments.

When you select a recipe you like, the app provides a shopping list to help you buy the ingredients easily. It also offers step-by-step instructions, downloadable recipes, and how-to videos. Plus, it includes a built-in carb counter for better glucose tracking.

Consider downloading this diabetes app if you want a wide range of recipes for free.

Virtual Care

Technology also evolved to virtual care for managing diabetes through telehealth and remote monitoring. The following platforms offer individuals with diabetes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and lifestyle change through digital support.

AspyreRx™ by Better Therapeutics

AspyreRx™ delivers powerful behavioral therapy — digitally
AspyreRx™ delivers powerful behavioral therapy — digitally

AspyreRx™ uses cognitive behavioral therapy delivered through a 90-day treatment program accessible via your smartphone.

This FDA-approved, prescription-only digital therapeutic plan helps individuals 18 years old or older manage their type 2 diabetes with the guidance of their healthcare provider.

Based on AspyreRx’s pivotal study , their approach helped participants reduce HbA1c, weight, and systolic blood pressure. It also improved their mood and quality of life.

However, note that this virtual diabetes care is only meant to be used along with prescribed medications and under the supervision of a licensed medical provider.

Nonetheless, it’s an ideal platform for people who want to change their habits and improve their blood sugar, weight, and blood pressure through a structured approach.

AspyreRx costs $750 for a 90-day program , and users can download it on iOS and Android via the App Store or Google Play Store , respectively.


The Virta Health  website
The Virta Health website

Virta uses nutrition and technology to develop a virtual clinic for weight loss and diabetes care.

Through its custom-designed app and medical records system, Virta’s medical professionals can help people control blood sugar with few or no medications, provide resources and support for nutritional therapy, and explain to users the reasons behind their approach.

Ultimately, users can receive on-demand care online with a dedicated health coach. They may also join a private, opt-in forum to receive pe. Covered members also receive a start kit containing strips, meters, a connected scale, and more.

Virta is accessible at no cost via your employer or health plan. If they don’t offer Virta, you may access the platform for $299 monthly, with a $250 initiation fee. Enrollment consultations are free.

The app is available for iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play Store .

Bezzy T2D

Bezzy T2D website
Bezzy T2D website at

Bezzy T2D seeks to empower people living with Type 2 diabetes through compassion, support, and knowledge via an online community forum.

It offers safe spaces to discuss diet and nutrition, mental health, topics for the newly diagnosed, relationships, and more. Besides forums, Bezzy T2D includes helpful content, live chats for advice or guidance, and one-on-one messaging with other Bezzy members.

Overall, the platform aims to make every member feel seen, heard, understood, and valued through online community support.

Users can join Bezzy T2D through their browser or smartphone via the App Store or Google Play Store .

What to Look for in Diabetes Apps

Before jumping into using diabetes mobile applications, consult your doctor, medical provider, or a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist ( CDCES ) about what areas to prioritize and for recommended apps and platforms.

When you’ve narrowed down your options, consider the following factors to find a suitable one:

  • App Compatibility with Glucose Monitoring Device: Ensure that the app can sync and work well with your medical devices.

  • Type of Data Needed: Different digital health products offer different purposes, data, and information. Identify what you need and look for one that provides them.

  • Level of Comfort with Technology: If you’re tech-savvy and prefer seeing lots of data, choose comprehensive apps. Otherwise, consider simple and user-friendly mobile apps.

  • Pricing: Most diabetes apps are free to download and use. However, some require payment to access premium features. See if it’s within your budget.

  • Good Reviews: Seek forums, online reviews, and articles to see what others say about the app. Check out  Danatech by ADCES  for comprehensive reviews on diabetes apps and devices.

The Future of Digital Diabetes Management

Digital health technologies will enable doctors, medical providers, and individuals with diabetes to view, prevent, and treat diabetes using various data and perspectives .

They will not only measure diabetes in terms of HbA1c but also consider physiological, behavioral, and environmental data, among others.

Moreover, the amount of data generated online and through these devices will help identify new digital markers and patterns of risk. Combined with clinical data, it can improve diabetes management and prevent complications.

However, as these technologies spread and develop, they may face concerns or challenges from regulatory authorities, policymakers, healthcare professionals, and the diabetes community.

These issues include the app’s clinical credibility and accuracy, data security concerns, and poor interoperability and standardization.

Despite these concerns, diabetes apps, devices, and platforms enable the opportunity to collect and handle big data, improve diabetes management, and make treatments accessible to many.

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