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Precision and Convenience: The Future of Insulin Delivery with Insujet (2023)

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For people with diabetes, insulin therapy can be frustrating, time-consuming, and even painful. Calculating your insulin dose, drawing insulin into a syringe, and taking multiple daily injections is inconvenient.

However, thanks to insulin jet injectors like InsuJet, administering insulin for diabetics is much easier, safer, and hassle-free.

This article will explore convenience and precision insulin delivery with InsuJet and how it can benefit your diabetes care plan.

Understanding Insulin Delivery

Insulin delivery refers to the different methods and devices used to administer insulin.

It’s how you get insulin from a vial or an insulin cartridge into your bloodstream so it can regulate your blood sugar levels.

Methods of Insulin Administration

Several popular delivery methods include traditional needle injections, disposable insulin pens, insulin pumps, and needle-free jet injectors.

Each device has different absorption rates, cost, dose accuracy, risks, and patient comfort levels. Your healthcare provider can help you choose the right system based on your needs and preferences.

However, a needle-free injection device, such as Insujet, usually offers the most convenience, accuracy, and comfort for people with diabetes.

What Is InsuJet?

InsuJet is a revolutionary insulin delivery device that offers a unique and convenient way to manage diabetes through needle-free jet injection.

Unlike traditional needle injection methods, InsuJet uses jet injection technology to deliver insulin directly into the body without using a hypodermic needle.

Insujet Components

InsuJet contains three main parts:

  • A pen-like delivery device
  • A disposable nozzle for injections
  • A disposable adaptor that holds an insulin cartridge

How Does InsuJet Work?

Insujet relies on a spring-loaded mechanism to push the insulin out of the cartridge and into your skin tissue. The spring-loaded mechanism generates enough high pressure to change the insulin into a fine jet stream that passes through a tiny hole in the injector nozzle.

The fine stream this insulin jet injector generates then passes through your skin pores instead of penetrating your skin layers. Once the jet stream reaches your subcutaneous layer, it spreads out and disperses before getting absorbed into the bloodstream.

Unlike a traditional insulin injection, the pressurized jet stream is the secret behind InsuJet’s subcutaneous delivery without needing a hypodermic needle.

Precision and Convenience: InsuJet Vs. Traditional Syringes

As an insulin jet injector, InsuJet has several advantages over the traditional insulin syringe. Two of the most important factors to consider are precision and convenience.


Insujet offers much more precise insulin administration than traditional needles. It’s designed to give accurate doses and improve insulin absorption rates.

Dose Accuracy

Traditional syringes and insulin vials have a high margin of error regarding insulin dosing. Some patients have difficulty reading the tiny increments inscribed on an insulin syringe, while others might have trouble drawing insulin from the vial.

InsuJet, on the other hand, provides precise, unified insulin doses that can be set with the turn of a dial. It automatically releases the set insulin dose you choose without handling the insulin vial or cartridge.

Preset, unified doses provide more precision, keeping your blood sugar level steady between insulin doses.

Insulin Absorption

Injecting insulin into midsection
Injecting insulin into midsection

InsuJet offers a better and more uniform insulin absorption rate than traditional syringes. This is because InsuJet doesn’t just deposit the insulin dose into the subcutaneous layer but also disperses it, allowing the insulin to spread in a larger area.

This increased surface area allows for better, faster, and more thorough absorption. With insulin syringes, on the other hand, the insulin dose remains in the same area as it slowly gets absorbed.


Since people with diabetes need multiple insulin injections throughout the day, the more convenient the method is, the more likely they are to stick to their schedule.

InsuJet offers a highly convenient method of taking your insulin shots, resulting in easier compliance. Here are a few reasons why.

Faster Onset

Clinical studies have proven that insulin administered with InsuJet is absorbed up to 40% faster than traditional methods. Because of faster absorption, the result is quicker and better control over your blood sugar levels.

This is incredibly convenient for people with difficulty keeping their blood sugar from rising after a meal.


Injecting insulin using the InsuJet needle-free injector
Injecting insulin using the InsuJet needle-free injector

As a needle-free injection device, InsuJet is virtually pain-free. Plus, the fine jet stream it produces has a diameter of about 150 μm, several times smaller than that of a hypodermic needle.

For reference, 150 μm is about the thickness of two regular sheets of paper. Because it offers a painless way to administer insulin, InsuJet is great for people with a needle phobia.


Insujet is also a practical option that can be used for up to three years or roughly 5,000 injections, which saves you lots of time, effort, and money.

In contrast, when using traditional syringes, you must buy a hypodermic needle every now and then and ensure you have one on you at all times, even if you’re outside or at work. This is unnecessary with InsuJet.

InsuJet’s reusability also saves you the hassle of waste disposal, a significant concern with traditional devices.

Dosing Increments

InsuJet’s dosing range goes from four to 50 units with 1-unit increments, covering almost every possible insulin dosing regimen. So, if you need to adjust your dose, you can do so in mere seconds.


InsuJet nozzle
InsuJet nozzle

Next, unlike other needle-free jet injectors, InsuJet does not require a battery. With this method, you won’t have to worry about charging, running out of power, or constantly buying batteries.

Safety Mechanism

Finally, InsuJet also features a unique safety mechanism requiring double action before releasing the insulin dose. This means you won’t accidentally inject the insulin into the air while holding the device.

Instead, the insulin is only released when you press it against the target injection site and press the button.


When it comes to your insulin doses, precision is everything. You need to make sure you take the right dose at the right time and with as little effort as possible.

InsuJet provides the perfect combination of convenience and precision to help you take control of your blood sugar and diabetes.

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