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Beyond the Needle: Introducing the InsuJet Needle-Free Injection Kit (2023)

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Having to take multiple painful insulin injections throughout the day can be frustrating. That’s why millions of people with diabetes seek a less invasive, more convenient, needle-free alternative.

This article will introduce the InsuJet needle-free injection kit, an innovative solution to all your needle-related insulin problems!

What Is a Needle-Free Injection?

Person holding a smart pen for insulin delivery
Person holding a smart pen for insulin delivery

Needle-free injection is a method of administering medicine without using a hypodermic needle. Instead, medications, such as insulin or vaccines, are delivered using innovative devices that utilize high pressure or velocity.

Some of the most common needle-free injection devices are jet injectors, such as InsuJet.

What Is InsuJet?

InsuJet is a revolutionary needle-free injection device developed for people with diabetes who require insulin therapy.

The InsuJet needle-free system lets you take your daily insulin doses without a syringe, vial, or needle, making it perfect for people with needle phobia.

It’s engineered to deliver accurate, preset insulin doses into the subcutaneous layer of the skin with minimal effort.

How Does InsuJet Work?

The secret behind the innovative InsuJet system is a spring-loaded mechanism connected to a button that activates it when pressed.

After choosing your dose, pressing the button on the InsuJet device generates a large amount of pressure, which transforms your insulin dose into a fine jet stream.

This stream of micronized insulin has a diameter of approximately 150 μm, thinner than two sheets of regular paper. These tiny insulin molecules pass through the pores of your skin instead of penetrating it like a standard needle would.

The insulin dose then travels through your skin until it reaches the subcutaneous layer and spreads and disperses. Absorption begins, and the insulin starts lowering your blood glucose levels.

All of this happens in a matter of seconds with virtually no pain.

Unboxing the InsuJet Needle-Free Injection Kit

The InsuJet Needle-Free injection kit includes everything you need for insulin therapy except an insulin cartridge.

Here’s what you’ll find when unboxing the InsuJet Starter Kit:

  • The InsuJet device
  • Carry case for storing the injector along with a slot for one cartridge
  • Adaptors that supply the insulin from the cartridge to the injector nozzle (you get 5 x 3mL adaptors and 2 x 10mL adaptors)
  • 5 x Nozzles, which are the parts that touch the skin when administering insulin
  • 5 x Comfort rings, which can be attached to the nozzles for a lighter effect on the skin
  • Nozzle protection cap
  • 5 x cartridge holders to keep your insulin cartridges safe from breaking
  • Warranty Card
  • Users instructions

How to Use the InsuJet Injection Kit

The  InsuJet needle-free injection kit is intuitive and easy to use. It takes five easy steps and a few seconds to administer insulin.

Step 1: Choose the Adaptor

InsuJet Adaptor
InsuJet Adaptor

InsuJet offers two adaptor sizes (3mL and 10mL) based on the type of insulin you use and your daily dose.

Suppose you're using a 10mL insulin vial. In that case, you can attach the InsuJet adaptor directly onto the vial by removing the protective cap and inserting the needle of the adaptor into the septum.

On the other hand, if you're using a 3mL insulin vial, attaching the adaptor directly to the vial is not recommended. This is because the 3mL vials are relatively small, and securing the adaptor could cause them to break or become damaged during use.

Instead, could you place the 3mL vials in the cartridge holders specifically designed for them? 

These holders provide additional support and protection for the vials, ensuring they remain safe and secure.

To see how to install the 3mL adaptor and the 10mL adaptor, you can refer to these videos:

Step 2: Add the Nozzle

InsuJet nozzle
InsuJet nozzle

The next step is to install the nozzle to the InsuJet injector by rotating the nozzle lock near the tip of the injector until it’s pointing to the unlocked sign.

Next, install the nozzle into the injector and firmly press down on it until it clicks. Once you hear the click, you can rotate the nozzle lock to keep the nozzle secured in place.

Here’s a video on how to install the InsuJet nozzle.

Step 3: Charge the Device

InsuJet's injector

This step doesn’t mean charging the device since InsuJet is battery-free. Instead, it means to prepare the insulin injector to aspirate insulin from the cartridge through the adaptor.

It’s equivalent to inserting a syringe into an insulin vial as you prepare to draw an insulin dose.

You’ll need to rotate the InsuJet injector toward the negative arrow near the tip until you see a green indicator on the tiny window beneath the arrow. This indicator means your insulin dose is ready to be aspirated.

Here’s a quick video on how to charge your device.

Step 4: Prime the Device

Priming the InsuJet injector
Priming the InsuJet injector

Now that your InsuJet injector is ready, it's time to aspirate the insulin from your vial. First, remove the protective caps from the nozzle and adaptor, then attach the adaptor to the nozzle by twisting it clockwise until it's securely in place.

Give the cartridge or vial a few gentle taps to eliminate any air bubbles that may have formed, much like you would with a syringe.

Next, rotate the injector in the opposite direction of step three towards the positive arrow. You’ll see numbers on a scale representing the number of insulin units.

Stop at the number corresponding to your insulin dose and add two more units to compensate for any air bubbles that might have formed. For example, if your regular insulin dose is seven units, you should set the InsuJet device to nine units.

After aspirating the insulin, detach the cartridge or vial from the nozzle and inspect it for any remaining air bubbles. If there are some, give the nozzle a firm tap to gather them near the opening.

Then, turn the front part of the injector counterclockwise by one unit to expel the air bubbles. This step is similar to pushing down on a syringe to remove air bubbles after tapping it.

Step 5: Take Your Insulin Dose

Receiving an insulin dose using the InsuJet injector
Receiving an insulin dose using the InsuJet injector

You can start by adding the comfort ring to the injector nozzle, which, although optional, can help reduce discomfort.

Next, hold the InsuJet device to the area you want to inject and press on the back of the device. Hold it firmly for about five seconds to make sure the entire dose has been delivered correctly.

Here’s a video demonstrating how to hold the InsuJet jet injector when taking your dose.

Advantages of the InsuJet Needle-Free Injection Kit

The InsuJet needle-free injection kit has several advantages over traditional syringes, insulin pens, and other insulin delivery methods.

Better, Faster Insulin Absorption

InsuJet provides better and faster insulin absorption compared to traditional syringes.

Studies have shown that insulin administered through such devices gets absorbed up to 40% faster and starts working about 45 minutes faster than conventional methods.

This is because InsuJet deposits the insulin into your subcutaneous layer as a hypodermic needle does and disperses it. When insulin is spread out, it covers a larger area, which means it has a better absorption rate.

Another randomized control trial found that insulin administered through needle-free jet injections prevents high blood sugar and can also correct it. This means it can be lifesaving if your blood glucose levels get out of control.

Better Blood Sugar Control

Glucose <a href=monitoring for blood sugar levels" data-srcset=" 1800w, 1600w, 1400w, 1200w, 1000w, 800w, 600w, 400w">
Glucose monitoring for blood sugar levels

InsuJet’s enhanced insulin absorption is perfect for people with diabetes who have difficulty controlling their blood sugar levels after meals.

Its quick onset of action prevents your blood sugar from spiking, which means you have better glycemic control over time. The more stable your blood sugar levels are, the better the outlook for your diabetes care plan.

Virtually Painless Insulin Therapy

InsuJet produced a fine stream of insulin with a diameter of about 150 μm. That’s almost three times smaller than most hypodermic needles, which have a diameter of about 0.4 to 0.45mm.

This tiny diameter allows insulin to enter through skin pores rather than penetrate the skin, making it virtually pain-free.

Less Anxiety for Needle Phobia

<a href=Needle phobia during a COVID vaccination" data-srcset=" 1800w, 1600w, 1400w, 1200w, 1000w, 800w, 600w, 400w">
Needle phobia during a COVID vaccination

Needle phobia can be debilitating, especially for people with diabetes. It’s also prevalent, as much as one in every four people, according to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention).

The InsuJet injection kit offers an anxiety and needle-free alternative for people afraid of syringes and needles.

Long-term Investment

InsuJet is more expensive than traditional insulin syringes when considering the upfront costs. However, InsuJet is much more cost-effective in the long run than syringes or insulin pens.

Insulin pens and syringes require maintenance, waste disposal methods, and other costly expenses that can add up with time. InsuJet, on the other hand, is reusable for up to 5,000 injections or about three years.

Accurate Dosing

InsuJet provides more precise insulin dosing than conventional syringes because it leaves less space for human error. Instead of drawing insulin from a vial and reading the tiny markings on a syringe, the InsuJet device lets you choose the dose with the turn of a dial.

Its user-friendly design gives customized dosing increments as small as one unit, ranging from four to 50 units. It’ll quickly adapt to your tailored diabetes care plan.

Enhanced Safety

Needlestick injuries are widespread among healthcare providers in hospital settings and caregivers at home. They can lead to disease transmission, cross-contamination, and other health problems.

Thanks to its unique needle-free design, InsuJet provides a safe alternative to traditional syringes without the risk of needlestick injuries.

It also has a handy safety mechanism that prevents your insulin doses from being accidentally injected into the air. You need to slide back a red lock and hold it against the desired injection site for a second before releasing the insulin.

This added safety feature ensures you don’t lose or inject your insulin doses incorrectly while holding the device.


Since InsuJet can be reused for up to 5,000 injections or approximately three years, it produces minimal waste products, making it eco-friendly.

On the other hand, traditional syringes need special disposal methods that take a heavy toll on the environment even when properly disposed of.

Correct Injection Depth

When injecting insulin using traditional syringes, there’s always a tiny chance the insulin will get injected into the muscle tissue instead of the subcutaneous tissue. This is especially common with skinnier patients and can cause severe  hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

InsuJet, on the other hand, eliminates the chances of an intramuscular injection. Its spring-loaded mechanism generates enough pressure for the insulin to reach the subcutaneous layer beneath the skin and no further.

Hence, InsuJet has a much lower chance of causing hypoglycemia.

Other InsuJet Needle-Free Jet Injector Uses

InsuJet has proven to be helpful in several applications, including:

  • Diabetes: One of the most popular uses for jet injectors, such as InsuJet, is needle-free insulin therapy. This handy device allows thousands of people with diabetes to self-administer insulin in seconds without hassle.
  • Vaccines: InsuJet can be used for multiple, needle-free vaccinations, saving time and money. It’s much safer than traditional vaccines given with a needle injection because of the lower risk of biohazardous vaccine waste and needle stick injuries.
  • Veterinary: It offers a pain and trauma-free alternative to syringes for administering vaccines and medicines at the vet’s office and home.
  • Home Healthcare: Needle-free jet injectors, such as InsuJet, can administer medicines in home healthcare settings, including hormone therapy and chronic disease medications.
  • Dental Anesthesia: InsuJet can deliver local anesthetic faster than traditional needles with almost no pain.
  • Cosmetic Treatments: Jet injectors, such as InsuJet, are helpful in cosmetic treatments such as Botox because they don’t leave any marks on the skin post-treatment.


The InsuJet needle-free injection kit is a game-changer for anyone afraid of needles, dreading painful injections, or hates drawing insulin from a vial.

With its unique engineering and user-friendly design, you’ll look forward to your daily insulin shots.

Upgrade to a needle-free injector by getting an InsuJet kit today, or reach out for more information.

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